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A Forward From The Chronicles of The Lord Z

Image © 2022 Fiona Tomkinson

The Lord Z, bids you Welcome to all that once was and return with him once again exploreing the glorious otherworld of Strange Red Earth.
"I am still proud to have been in my mind a part of the best original live music band from Torbay Devon UK and stand by all our material up to and including our new 2022 album “Afterland" (Lord Z) 


December 2022

Afterland now released on all major platforms.

August 2022

Still awaiting the completion of project all in the hands of Roj.

January 2022

The new EP is approaching mix stage with only the vocals and one last track to record.

May 18th 2021

A new EP from original members Rog, Blackstone and Lord Z is in production

February 20th 2021

CAVE is now available on Spotify | Amazon Music | Apple Music | YouTube |  and many other digital platforms

February 12th 2021

Richard III Records are shortly to release a remaster of CAVE on spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube and many other digital platforms

Hear most of SRE’s music on soundcloud


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Disclaimer: Nothing shall be covered after the time Lord Z departed as he was not there and has no place to pass comment.

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