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Peter Rainbow  

From the powerful opening track "Transition" to the final song "The Barrow-Omega Wave" with the far reaching cosmic keyboards of Lord Z, soaring guitar from Dr.Shroud, voice of Blaize and strong bass and drums this is an album every serious music fan should have immediately! 

"The Barrow" is an obvious single release. Myself and my other half kept playing it over and over again! 

I am reviewing the new album by The Prophets of Zarquon ---Solstice which conjures up  ethereal magic. 

When music makes the hairs stand up on yours arms you know it's reaching you and this album does just that!

Close your eyes, listen and be taken the the Otherworld ✨🌈

C. Moor. UK

A third album is usually the most difficult. I think the Profits have bucked the trend and this album is their most polished yet.

The Forest Prophet. UK

Solstice, the changing of the season as the world travels back towards the light. Listening to the album on headphones takes you to a world where the dimensions clash and are reformed in your mind. 

Prophets of zarquon have managed to combine ethereal themes and proper hooks that are earworms for the rest of the day. A very good album.

Ann in the Moment 

Let your fae spirit free. Settle down at the time of dusk unwind, dream and loose yourself. Find solice with  "Solstice” 
A musical journey which resonates with Nature in heart .

Whilst I listened to "Solstice" I journeyed through many musical seasons. Each song now forged on the  landscape of my dreams. 
Be inspired, listen and believe. Listen and believe in beautiful music created by The Prophets No one will ever know until we listen and dream. 

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