The POZ Chronicles

October 2019

The old ones move in a different time streams that makes things appear slow to the mortal world. But Dr Shroud, Jon Blackstone and Lord , (seen below upon the throne of dreams}, are still committed unto the live set. Blaize is at this moment awaiting their musical completions.

September 2019 Chronicle

As the Autumn draws in The POZ are still deep in practice wearing their combat shorts and combat practice slippers. A good combination for Jon Blackstone and Lord Z for getting to grips with Shore.

August Chronicle 2019


Lord Z and Dr Shroud like to feel comfortable when practising by wearing "The Slippers of Dreams".
Practising the set still ongoing The Prophets still await the extra time that Jon Blackstone will have after he finishes his bands album. Then the time will be ours. Blaize will be summoned back into our otherworld as we get more songs learnt.

Dr Shroud in serious meditation the goblet of inspiration stands by the speaker.

June Chronicle 2019


In the dream realms of the otherworld it can sometimes be rather difficult getting the paths of The POZ to cross (as they fly in many different plains). But! now The POZ are proceeding with the second stage. live practice for a one off gig, to reach fulfilment next year. 


Drifting through the ether once more and entering again into the otherworld with his Bass guitar is Jon Blackstone (ex Strange Red Earth). He like the others is now working individually and together as the live practice gets underway.Jon Blackstone says " i'm happy to do my bit in the otherworld good tunes good vocals i'll be pleased to set my amp to stun again...if the vocalist doesn't tell me off”!




The Prophets of Zarquon's practice involves the use of a special live backing track, created by Lord Z. Each member has an individual tailored copy with their part removed allowing practice without the other members.

And as POZ move forever forward, The backing track will be constantly sharpened and edited by Lord Z, with input from Dr R, Blackstone and  Blaize.

In its final incarnation the backing track will left with only the drums and sound effects. At that point full POZ live rehearsals will take place.

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