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I just finished listening to Eternal Skies.  It's brilliant, every bit of it.  That harp riff that runs through Under the Forest Canopy has got me itching to pick up my harp and try to find it myself.  So thank you for that wonderful little nugget of inspiration! Blaize's vocals are breathtaking, Dr Shroud's guitar work stunning as always, and Lord Z, I am blown away by your genius. 

"Individually, each of you makes magic.  The three of you together - wow, just wow.  I got goosebumps listening.  I want to purchase 7 more copies to include among our wedding guests' thank you gifts.  Everyone that's coming appreciates good music, and I know my future brother-in-law Brad, who is a jazz bass player and another amazing musician will love it".

Jackie H. USA

"Folks I bought this album and I love it. It is melodic, catchy, well played and produced and the singer has a voice that is both unique and compelling. The music is great and it just gets better and better the more you listen".

Frank S. USA

Ok, here's my review for The Prophets of Zarquon's Debut album Eternal Skies received today..... Impressed............FKYEAH!!!!!


1 portion of Stevie Nicks

2 Dashes Fleetwood Mac

1 Pinch of Pink Floyd 

1/2 a slice of Blues

2 Tangerine Dreams 

4 cups of Atmospheric Pleasure 

Multiple measures of Originality and Wonderful Musicality. 

Mix until emotive, soothing and very interesting. 


Listen in solitude with headphones on at an upper medium level until album has completely entered your soul..............

Repeat frequently for maximum enjoyment....... . ... .

A truly mesmerising and pleasurable endeavor from a richly talented group of musicians. Prophets of Zarquon are on to something very special. I am waiting with baited breath to see them live.

Eternal Skies is 5*****

Oz C. UK

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