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Track List

  1. The Wishing Tree
  2. Walking a Curtain Wall
  3. Horizon of the Clouds - album version
  4. Lower Temperature Gradients
  5. Stillness of the Moon
  6. Clatter of Chimes
  7. Sonar Echoes Fade
  8. The Others

Bonus Tracks CD Only or as individual downloads

  1. Horizon of the Clouds - Radio Edit
  2. Dreamcatcher - 2021/Radio Edit 


All music by Lord Z and The Prophets of Zarquon

Produced and Arranged by Lord Z - Recorded at Otherworld Studios, Marldon, Devon, UK. - © 2021 Richard III Records RZL3


Kevin C:

I have received Autumn Fall and must offer my compliments. My measure of a good new album is when you can’t think of what to play after it. Autumn Fall is one of those. I could play it again, now there’s a good idea…


Awesome music! I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't listened to the first album. 

Deeply penetrating music flooding in with incredible harmonies that have characteristics and beautiful vocal lines performed by talented musicians! Awesome!!! Lord Z once again demonstrates the power of his talent! Great harmony, intertwined with the incredible voice of Blaize!

Helen S:

Bloody love it. .....what more can I say, but, great sound and great vocals. Blaize you smashed it !!!!!!  :) xx

Mike M:

Autumn Fall – by The Prophets of Zarquon is quite the best album I have heard for some time difficult to label, but I suppose it might be put on the same rack as Marillion maybe? Influences seem to be quite Moody Blues, but there are fleeting shadows of Yes, Kate Bush, Clannad. There is a notable huge dynamics. Whispering passages, followed by no shortage of power. Vocalist Blaize sounds just a little like Stevie Nicks on a good day and gives the whole album a unique favour. All in all very enjoyable, and deserves to chart (if there is still such a thing).

Martin S:

just listened to Autumn Fall and I have to say it's a powerful sounding album. I think The Others is the perfect ending, ignoring the bonus tracks for a moment. A lot of work has gone into this and it has paid off. Fab xx

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